How to link Glide to a Wordpress Website?


I have a community worpdress website, where user can create an account to create event.
Each event as a public page with a date and a place.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to plug Glide on this website and let user login / register to add more event ? How can i link this to my wordpress website ?

Other idea, is it possible to do the same website on Glide ?


Hi @JohannRoche

You might be able to use a Zapier or Integromat integration.

You can create forms in a Glide app. The data can be stored in a Google Sheet or in a a Glide Table. Then if need be, you can pass on the data via Zapier/Integromat, webhooks, email.

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Thanks @nathanelb

It’s possible to manage the login process with Zapier ?
Or you are thinking about a kind of Google sheets where i stock the data user ?
In the second case, any idea how to manage password encryption ?

You should only use Glide’s authenticated ways to login, don’t try to store your users’ passwords as it’s considered pretty risky if you don’t apply row owners the right way.

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And it’s compatible with my wordpress user you think ?

No I’m not talking about the Wordpress side. I mean if you consider login for the Glide part then you should only use the methods above.

You should try to use WordPress plugin which is available to help you.
I suggest you to try All in one wholesale suite plugin, which is help you to link Glide to a WordPress Website.