Wordpress and Glideapps


does one of you has experience in connecting glide to wordpress?
I have seen some posts, but not what I am looking for.

I would like to:

  • push content from glide to wordpress. (Like posts and so on). It should work with zapier, but NO, it does not work with custom fields and so on in wordpress
  • integrate forms from glideapp in wordpress

Thanks for your input, which experience you have already here.

Best regards

Glide Webhook/Call API Action → Zapier → Wordpress should work, no?

no, Zapier and ACF does not work at the moment - or in general. That is the problem, why I search another way

What does “custom fields” allow you to do within Wordpress? What exactly is not working?

From Zapier to Wordpress I do not see the ACF - advanced custom fields… from Wordpress. Normally this should work, but it does not. Thats why I am searching for a workaround.

I’m not entirely sure how this all works, but this is the API doc on the ACF site.

If it’s not a native “app” within Zapier, you would have to build the API calls yourself.

I know… I did that. But its all good, I try to find a solution with the zapier support. I thought someone might has tested something different. Like webhooks to wordpress and so on

I am also interested in connecting Glide to WordPress. Have any new, simple ways to do it become available in the last few months since this post was written?

i have a solution with wp webhooks pro and zapier in between.

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