Pass along data using webhooks?

Is there any way to pass information to another app (Parabola, Zapier, etc.) using a Webhook? Creating a button that goes to a specific URL, it seems like you could then choose the column(s) of the page/item you’re on to pass along.

Ideally if I’m clicking from a company directory for example, I’d like to be able to choose "open link) where I could select the webhooks URL and then choose the column(s) I would like to pass along.

Is this possible? Is there any ideas for a workaround that I’m not thinking about?

Is this what your looking for, or something different?

It looks like that page is private or no longer exists. The URL looks interesting though - if I could be invited in, I’d be interested. Thanks for the response.

Which url isn’t working for you? It says " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." when I click on it.

I think I figured out my solution merging columns/data together using the Template column. Thanks for the response.

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I think the page is locked for people who don’t have a regulars badge. I assume they want to test it with a smaller amount of people before announcing it.

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@Sandro_Brito Ahh, I guess I’ve seen the lock on insiders posts, but didn’t realize it wasn’t available to everyone.

Here you go. It’s a little more officially announced: