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Hello, I’m brand new here, to apps in general. Does anyone know if it’s possible to use Glide to allow users collect points from different activities / clicks within the app?

I have seen the teacher videos but Im not sure I saw that users can earn points inside the app or that they can even add the points manually themselves (without me).

Thank you!

Hola @Ludka

Have you looked at this video by @Robert_Petitto

He explains how to do that.

Check them out.

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Hey Santiago, thank you so so much. I actually did look at them, and maybe it’s my inexperience but it seemed that all the points were added in manually by the admin and I wasn’t sure if the users had an option to add their own points or collect them inside the app.

i guess what im looking for is to create like a gamified fitness app and am wondering if that’s even possible with glide.

thank you!

So you want that the user is able to claim the points themselves??

I think I’d have button (with visibility conditions) that sets the new points to the user.

You probably will have to use @Robert_Petitto’s trebuchet method to accomplish that since it is no posible to make increments through a relation.

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great. thank you so much. i think this will be too complicated for me :-/ and might just have to hire someone. do you or anyone you know helps with such things? thanks so much!

You can look for someone on the experts list and contact them to help you.

I am on the list :wink:

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Ya…variety of ways to earn points when completing activities automatically. Here are all the videos I’ve made on the topic (some dating back to over a year ago when there was less functionality).


Oh great thank you so much!

I have two more questions on this topic please.

  1. Is it possible to track and display user’s daily points and weekly points and how far they are from their daily and weekly goal? And have those reset daily/weekly?

  2. Also, how can i enable users to add their own points manually - not by clicking on a challenge, just click a plus button and add a number of points?

Thank you

Yes. Involves using math columns to create week and day codes to compare your point log to the current week/day. Too complicated to explain in a post, but I’ve done it several times in various apps.

So you want to create a button that adds points to a users total that a user can push at anytime?

That’s fairly straightforward. Depending on how you’re incrementing points, you’d either use a form button to add a new row that’s eventually rolled up via relation to the users email. Or, you’d use a button with an increment value to increment a user’s points column in the user profile sheet.

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Got it (in theory :slight_smile: ) thank you. I think I now remember one school video that you or aomeone else did where you did something like that with the comparison of the points. Thank you! You might still hear from me again.