Add points to user when form is submitted

Hi there,
I have two tables, “Things” and “Users”, so whenever new content is submitted to “Things” I want to increment a number in the “Users” table, and that number within “Users” table is a number row called “Points”.
Is this possible to create in Glide?

Hi Alexandru,

You need a single relation to update current user row. You can create a Template column on your Things Table and then fill the template column clicking the three dots with User Profile>Email column.

And then add a relation column and select the the template column you created and select Users table > email. And don’t tick the multiple checkbox. It needs to be Single.

And in your form add the Increasement action and select the single relation and select the number column that created in the Users collection for the column.


Thank you

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I assume you’re giving users points for any new submissions? A direct way is to use a relation from the user table to the things table using the user’s email/ID, then use a rollup column to count the submissions they have made. Each will count as a point.

A major downside is if they delete a post a point will be subtracted. It depends on how you want it to be. @Dilon_Perera 's suggestion works with the scenario that you don’t want deleted posts to subtract from the user’s points.