Data from table to the user table


I am trying to make a “game” where the user must answer with a picture and are getting points by how fast and how creative their picture is.
So, I have a table with the question the description how many points the user will be getting and a Column for the image which I have make user-specific.

My question is how I get the image from that table to the users table so I can give users points.

when the user clicks the picture, use a custom action to write an image link to the user row,
or create a relation to images, so you can pull them from another table

I maybe wasn’t clear in what I meant. I am new to glideapps.
The user uploads their picture with an image picker component. That image should then be available in the Users table.

Ok… have a user specific column in the table where user is uploading the picture, before user get to that page write he’s email into that usc column, now you can relate user email from users table to that email in picture table…
Create a lookup column for that relation in users table, and look for the picture

Perhaps you don’t need to write that back to the users table at all, do you have a reason why you don’t store those answers in a separate table and score them inside that table?