New Glide Apps - Alternative to saving in user table

I recently bit the bullet and started converting my Classic App to the new App. I have run into a problem that I am unable to save data to the user table that can be accessed and used in other places.

In one example, I need a user to click on a training date and this will then navigate the user to a page that has all training activities as well as the training attendance register. My Classic App, saved the training date to a user table (user-specific) column and when the attendance was being written to the attendance table, I was able to retrieve the date from the user specific column.

With the new App, the option to retrieve info from the User table is not available. I did create a ‘working table’ and saved the date in there, but I do not want to create a long list of dates that is using up unnecessary space.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

This should still be available in Glide Apps. Make sure you’ve set the user table from the user profile tab in the layout screen.

Can you clarify your use of the the terms “user table” and “user specific”? They are two very different things. If you are talking about the user table, then you may need to configure you user profile to use the correct table.


Many thanks Robert. During the migration, I totally forgot to hook up the user table.

Thanks Jeff, got it hooked up. So many things to remember when rebuilding and one small thing can cause a real headache!

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