User Table Glide

Hi all, i have deleted the user table that is created by default when setting up an app.
do you happen to know if

  1. i can restore the table OR
  2. setup a new user table to store the user data

thx for your help on that.

What do you mean “created by default”? What is that table’s name? Do you mean the “App: Logins” sheet?

I think he’s talking about the users table that is created when you start an app with Glide Table only.

I have not done this but I am assuming that if you added a new Glide table and set it as you users table it would work.

I’ll make some tests and report back.

Edit: It does work. Just add a new Glide table and set it as you profile one.


yes, I mean the table as pointed out in Santiagos comment.

thanks so much for the test and feedback. will try it out now :grinning:

In addition to this, I want to point out that it’s always safer to start an app with the Google Sheet as the backbone. You might not know when you will need a Sheet integration in the future.

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