Duplicated project with different users

Hi all,

I’d like two apps to work on the same Google Sheet. I built the first one and duplicated it, using the same Google Sheet. But the Users table, which is a Glide table and not a Google Sheet, is also shared between the projects. Whenever I add a user in one it gets added to the other.

What can I do?


Are you sure your user profiles are not currently referencing a user table which would be a tab in your Google Sheet?

In each project, try creating new Glide Tables and use these new tables to set up your user profiles.

(You’ll need to move over you user profile data from Google Sheets to the new Glide Table.)

Hi, thanks for the answer!

I added screenshots, so you can see the users table is a Glide table.

Can I actually delete the users table in create a new one? How do I set a new users table?



  • Go to the Judging project
  • Go to the data editor
  • Create a new table, make it a Glide Table, call it “Users New”.
  • In this Users New table, make sure you have 3 columns: Name (a basic text column), Image (a basic image column), Email (a basic email column)
  • Go to the display builder.
  • Click on the avatar image to enter the profile area.
  • In the right panel, change the data source from “Users” to “Users New”.
  • Just below, check the mapping is configured correctly.

You can test the setup on a live version of your project. Sign in with a new user. Make sure the correct user data appears in the correct columns in the correct Users New table.


  • Perhaps Users New is not the name you want to give to your users table.
  • In the Judging project, Users table, try adding a user or editing a user. Does this change appear in the other project? If so, then the Users table is indeed being shared. Back in the Judging project, if you don’t need the data in the Users table, do not delete it. Instead, unlink the table (right click on the table name).

Thank you! This has solved my problem.
(Instead of creating a new table, I duplicated the old Users table. It worked just as well and saved me some trouble.)

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