Show users in Google Sheets


I’m new to Glide. I created a Google Sheet in my Google Drive, then I created a new project linked to that Sheet.

I see that Glide has created a Users table but I don’t see it in my Google Sheets. Is there a way to link it to my Google Sheets and have it show up as one of the Sheets over there?

I could use that to mass add more users and edit the users more easily.

Thank you.

Did Glide add it as a glide table (black icon) instead of a sheet table (green icon)? You can just add a new User table to your google sheet from within the google sheet (with the same column headings). Then change the user profile configuration in the app to use the new User table from the Google sheet instead of the User table from Glide.

Yes, I have a glide table (black icon) named Users.

If I understand you correctly I should:

  1. Delete the Users table from the Data Editor
  2. Go to Layout editor from the top
  3. Go to User Profile tab on the left
  4. Change Source sheet on the right to the one that I have in my Google Sheet
  5. Make sure that Name/Email/Image/Role on the right correspond to the correct columns in my sheet

And if all the above are correct, the app will now reference my own sheet for users. Right?

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That sounds about right. Before deleting your old users table you may want to go through it and click ‘find all uses’ on each column.

In case your app is using some columns from the glide table users sheet (i.e. set columns, relations, etc…) you could change those connections to the new users table before deleting the old.


You should also check these columns in the Data Editor to make sure that Glide has automatically assigned the correct column types:

  • Name should be a Text column type
  • Email should be an Email column type
  • Image should be an Image column type
  • Role (if used) should be a Text column type