Table Users sync with Google Sheet

I need guru help!
I want to have ““Glide Table Users”” sync with Google sheet for analysis by Google Data Studio instead of manually exporting.


  1. I create Google sheet as the data Source. This Google sheet has Users table withfields: Name/Email/Photo/Role as required.

  2. Then I created App project based on that Google Sheet.
    However, Glide APP always auto created another Glide Table name “Users” also and not sync with existing Google sheet User Table. => I have to manually data import to this Glide Table. Then I cannot get data from Glide Table Users for Google Data Studio to make analysis.

  3. If I purposely Deleted the Table User generated by Glide, then use the Google sheet User table, then the ““View User As …”” can not detect users from User table created by Google sheet.
    Thank you all for helping me and have a great day

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Did you configure your User Profiles to use the connected Google Sheet?

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Thanks Darren_Murphy so much. Let me check it again based on your recommended guideline.

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