User data not appear in google sheet

i don’t understand why so?

have a Glide Page (PRO), have attached google sheet.
all table and data that add in Glide - appear in Google.

but all new users in Glide - stored in Glide table and NOT appear in google sheet…

why? how to fix it?

Best regards.

Not sure if I’m clear on your use of the term “Glide tables”. Does your table in the Glide builder have a green icon like this? image Or is it a white icon?

Green means the source is a g sheet and it should sync but if it’s white then it is Glide’s own table source which won’t sync with a g sheet.

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yes. all tab - green.
and all sync.
but user tab - only one side: from Google to Glide :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
problem is fixed. sorry for question.

but will keep it for other ppl.

in g sheet i have several row and then blank rows. several handrets blank row. after them was new rows with data from Glide. all exist, all fine.

just remove blank rows from g sheet

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Ah, ok. The other problem can be if you use data filtering inside your g sheet. Always best to remove any filters in g sheet.

it was fist what i check

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