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Dear All

I am new to glide and I do not understand, how Glide syncs the data between Glide Tables and my Google Sheets. Is there a tutorial I could look at and educate myself?

Just some questions:
How do I connect a Glide table with a Sheet table?
How can add and delete zables while developing the project?
How do I create an ID column?
How can I ensure that a column only stores unique data, e.g. for an email address?

As you can see - newbie :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help.

Glide Tables and Google Sheet tables are different data sources. You can mix them in the same project, but they are still separate data sources.

If you are connected to a google sheet, you will always see all sheet tables, whether you use all of them or not. If you need to add a new sheet table, then you will need to do that from within Google sheets. Likewise when deleting a google table If you want a new glide table, you can add that through the glide data editor, and in the same manner, you can right click on a glide table to remove it.

In the glide data editor, add a new column and select Row ID as the column type.

You’ll need to clarify this question. If you mean each row needs to be unique to each user, then you can add an email column and set that column as a row owner. If you mean that multiple users will share the same column cell in the same row, then when you add a new column through the data editor, you need to select ‘User Specific’.

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many thanks for the quick response.

Understood the data sources now. :slight_smile:

What I meant with unique data is, that an email should be unique and there shouldn’t be two users with the same email address. That also means that I would expect that should a new user be added with an email address already in the table, there should be a warning and the app should not save this user unless he has a unique address.

I hope that makes sense.
Cheers René

When the user logs in the the first time, Glide records their email address and stores it in the user sheet. That means, if the user signs in again, Glideapps will not create a new row for that ID.

However, if you are adding your users manually and you want the app to give you a warning if entered email address already exists in the database then probably you can create a custom form and use some conditions which I believe our experts can explain in simpler language :blush:

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