Using actions WITH Glide Tables

Hi I currently have a Pro app with whitelisted access. I use google sheets formulas and appscript to automatically send welcome instructions to new users, so that I don’t have do this manually. I also use the same approach to add access to the different paid modules in the app.
With the changes to public versus private apps If I were to use a public with email app the new users get added directly into a Glide Table, but are not visbile in the google sheet.
This creates a challenge for the way I welcome new users or users purchasing different content as I need them in the google sheet currently.
I was wondering with the New Actions capability would it be possible to use actions to trigger send email etc on a new user being added to the app from the glide table? as I can’t see how to do this as it appears all actions come from activity within the app itself?

Any thoughts greatly appreciaetd


You have a whitelisted app, so I assume you would have the send email action inside your app, is that correct?

The eamil is sent via a trigger in the googlesheet using appscript as it is a welcome email not sent from the app itself


Yeah but I mean can you check your app and see if one of your available actions is “Send Email”?

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I am able to add an action to !Compose email" in the app.
How does that help me ?
As I need to be able to trigger the action on a new row in a glidetable ? sorry If I am asking a dumb question


I believe you’re adding a row to the Glide Table via a form, is it correct?

What you can do is switch to user-specific columns for inputs of the form, then in the compound action, you have add row as one action, and send email as another one.

With a template column you can send the email the way you want.

no unfortunately I am not using a form. the new user row is created by Glide on a new user signing in Public with Email and I wanted to be able to trigger an action based upon that glidetable being updated but can’t see how to at the moment unless I am missing something ?

Do you have an onboarding process for new users?

Yes I have them setup profile information before gaining access to content

Can you shift your user profiles from the Glide table to a Google Sheet?
If you do that, new users will be added to the sheet and not the Glide table and then you could continue doing what you did before.

unfortunately if using public with email the new user is added in Glidetable and not in Google sheet unless I am missing something

Did you set up user profiles?
User Profiles & User Specific Columns

yes I setup user profiles

Are the user profiles set up on a tab which is inside Glide table?
If that is so, shift the user profile sheet onto your Google Sheet and it will then add new users directly to Google Sheets

Seems like you’re pointing your user profiles sheet to a Glide Sheet. Is there any specific reason you made a Glide Sheet?

There are two steps involved here, and I suspect that you may be missing one of them.
The first step is to define the privacy option, ie. Public with Email.
The second step is to enable User Profiles.
In the process of enabling User Profiles, you get to choose where the user profile data should be saved. This can be a Glide Table (ie. a table that only exists within Glide), or it can be a sheet in your Google Spreadsheet. Either option works, and which you choose depends on the situation - in your situation it seems that you would want to choose the latter. Have you done this?


Thankyou all for the assistance much appreciated that gives me a way around it.

many thanks