Add Row Action - Google Sheet vs Glide Table (User Specific Columns)

In the action editor, in an ADD ROW action.

You can add a value for a user specific column only if the destination table is a Glide Table.
If you are writing to a google sheet you cannot add a value to a user specific column (that lives in Glide but in a table based from Google Sheets)

Is that correct?


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The ADD ROW action can be performed on a Google Sheet or Glide Table. You could use a user specific column as the source to Add a Row to either GS or Glide Table.

What you are saying is party true and yes the user specific column only lives in the Glide side of things (We won’t see it in our GS) however the user specific column can be used in the action editor ADD ROW action for both cases.

Yes i am aware of that. I need the destination to be a user specific column. Not signed in user will be adding a row to an orders placed table. When the destination column is a user specific column, a user can then filter to see his row. But it seems then that the destination table must be a glide table meaning that I cannot trigger any zaps from google sheet when a new row is added.

You could trigger a zap/ webhook when a new row is added by using a ‘custom action’ in Glide and making one of the steps ‘send webhook’ / zap.

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