How to bulk add user-specific column data?

GSheets backed. For general data, can obviously just post it in. User-specific data does not seem to propagate back to the Google sheet. What’s the easiest way to bulk add?

Related - is there an API for Glide Tables (where I assume the user-specific data is stored)?

User Specific Columns are computed columns. They only exist in the Glide backend, and on each users device. As far as I’m aware, there is no way to transfer or bulk add user specific data.

No, there isn’t. Many of us would love to see that.


User specific column values do not exist in GS.
The only way to write them into GS is to have a button/action and set basic columns in GS with your usc-column values.

And bulk is not possible…… as these are all personal values. You could go into the GDE and manually pretend to be your users, but that does not scale.

Use join colum to join data from user specific column separated by some character that doesn’t exist in that data…
Then use button to write that joined column to Google sheets… and split them back using split transposed formula

Below is an excerpt from another post that explains how I believe user specific columns work. I believe the values are stored in a separate hidden glide table. Not directly in the table that contains the user specific column…although it may visually appear that way and you can work with it like it is. I think it’s just a special type of relation with direct access to the value in that hidden table.

If you want to periodically access user specific data, you can manually export the app data as a CSV file that’s emailed to you.