New users cannot input their own information

Hello all,

I am trying to start sharing my app however when a new user gets to the welcome page to create a username, pick a team, and add profile picture they are unable to input any information unless I refresh the glide page separately.

Any idea how this can be automated so I don’t have to refresh the page every time I try to add a user?


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I think we might need some more information and maybe some screenshots to better understand your app flow. Is this a type of custom form on a details screen that adds a row to another table? My initial thought may be that you need a custom action that will add the row and then clear the fields afterwards, but it’s hard to say without knowing more about your app.

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Are you using the welcome screen mentioned in my gamification series?

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I am using that welcome screen

It’s a text entry, a choice and a picture upload. The goal is to use this information to separate everyone into teams as well as give each user their own name.

The issue I’m having is that in order for a new member to be created I need to refresh the sheet

Try moving your Users table into Glide Tables.

You shouldn’t need to refresh anything. How are you creating new users…from the Google Sheet? You could enter them directly using the Data Editor…you could also build out an “Add User” interface in the app itself. Also, your users will automatically be created when they sign into the app.

Do you have your User Profiles correctly set up?

Is there a way to transfer it from a google sheet to a glide table or do I need to rebuild as a glide table?

The users do get created when they first sign into the app, the issue is they are unable to input and data (username, team selection) until the google sheet recognizes a new user has been created. When I input the data manually from my account there is no issue, when a different user attempts to do it, at times, it will not allow them to input anything

Is there anything in your onboarding flow that depends on formulas in your Google Sheet?

Also, do you have any filtering applied to that onboarding screen?

Only filtering is where email is signed in user. It’s a bit strange. I noticed something similar in an app I’m currently building…

I have a button with an add row (to Google sheets)…then the button changes when there’s a relation to that new row.

In the past, Glide would see this row immediately (even though it shows up in Google Sheets moments later) because it was generated in app…wondering if something changed this week that’s causing this lag…

@Mark any ideas?

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I assume that gets greyed out for a short span? That is the time for Glide to sync the row. I’m not sure if it was a recent thing, I got that problem in some apps that are very big. My recommendation is building at least your users table in Glide Tables, or all of them.

Yes…this seems to be recent.

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Could you share a support link and a video so we can take a look at this?

I think the switching to a glide table may make it more seamless of a process, just curious if this is because it is a google sheet or if it is something else

You are presenting the onboarding screen without requiring users to sign in first. This is the root of the problem. If a user has not signed in, then they will not be attached to any row in your user profiles table. So you need to adjust your privacy settings to Public with Email.


I made the change so that the user must be signed in, however when they sign in as a new user the on-boarding does not create a new row with their email. Instead it will write their information overtop of the previous user (who was the first row in the table)

If user profiles are configured properly, then it should be creating a row in the user profile table automatically when they sign in for the first time. Then you need to make sure your onboard screen is filtered where the email is the signed in user. Then they should be updating their own row instead of the first row.

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