Still can't figure out how to Setup User (when first in the app - without 2 rows)

Hi - I have seen this addressed a few times, but I have not been able to follow the recipe and get things working.

I have made a screen walk through of what I want, how I have set up the Tab for New Users.

The problem is:

  • user signs up for the first time (which means I have a row in the sheet with their email - and the rest of the columns are blank (i.e. no first name, last name, etc)
  • when they come into the app all the Tabs will be hidden (using Visibility = “Full Name is not empty”) apart from a 'New User Tab"
  • on this tab (in my screen walk through) they would ideally… complete their setup in that screen by editing components (BUT when I try that the data defaults to the first row of the User spreadsheet… thus overwriting someone’s data)
  • and if I have an Edit button setup - it would edit the first user on the sheet (or if visibility = email is signed in user, then the pencil does not appear)
  • and if it is a button to open Form… then a fresh row will be created and the first row not touched again.

How do I fix this - as it must be a very standard need for apps these days.

Thanks! M

If there is more than one user row “available” then Glide will pick the first to “edit”. So you need to ensure that only one user row is available since that will then be the row that you are editing. To do this either use row owners or filter where email is currently logged in user. Both will result in a single user row.

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Got it! Problem solved by:

  • using the User Sheet - and Filter Email is Signed In User
    (which means there is only one sheet)

I have uploaded the screen walk-through:

  1. when put in pin, goes to a Home Page (only visible to users without a ‘Full Name’)
  2. they click on the pencil to edit (the right row! I checked)
  3. when click on done…
    they go back to the Home (for about 10 sec)
  4. then they go to the main Swipe tab

I was wondering… if I have a delay, can I insert an animated gif in the Home if they do have to wait (and then how the visibility might work so it only appears during this brief period) OR is there a more elegant way of creating a user account.


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There really shouldn’t be a delay, unless you have some logic happening in a google sheet that would lead to a delay due to the time for glide and the google sheet to synchronize. Is there any additional background logic happening after they update their profile and click done? If it’s all handled within glide, then it really should be almost instant the the tab visibilities should update right away.

I realize I have built it badly. I just paid for the Messaging V2 template from @Robert_Petitto to see how he built that nice app (it has functionality I would like to incorporate into mine and I was struggling working out how to do it). I see that his app is designed more elegantly then mine… so I will copy with pride (and thanks, Rob!)


You can check this one for free :wink:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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@Robert_Petitto check before I copy everything in (and mess up…):

Having gone through your app and structure, I am copying parts over to mine (manually).
In your Glide app, you are using GSheets for the data. You have two columns ‘User 1’ and ‘User 2’ which then automatically become a relationship column ‘User’

I am setting up my chat in Glide table (I might get a lot of traffic). I have two columns, User 1 and User 2… but I do not see a ‘User’ relationship column appearing.

Will it appear by magic… or does this feature not work in Glide Tables? Thanks!

It doesn’t work automatically in Glide tables yet. You have to combine the two columns with a delineator in a template column and then split them with a split text column. This will form the array column you need.

Magic! (I had been trying to solve that problem in a couple of places - huge thanks!)

Just to be clear, what you’re looking for there is an array column, not a relation column. It’s easy to get the two confused because they share similar column icons in the builder, but there is a huge difference in functionality.

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