Users table not update via Glide App

When logging into the app, I need the log-in user to update some information. An edit screen appears, they update, edit their fields, click done and I can see the field was updated. After logging out and then logging back in, the updates have bee lost.

Any reason why this will occur?

Do you have a video of the bug in action?

What type of backend are you using (Glide Tables, Google Sheets, Airtable, Excel)?

Yes, I do … will upload in 2 seconds. Here is the config settings in the mean time

The user table was the default table the App created with, the other tables are air table.

Here is a short clip to show what happens

I can also add that in-app testing on PC updates the values perfectly, but when I use the published app, the updates are lost once the user logs out.

All other table values are stored, it is just the USERS table updates that “reset” is “lost” once the user logs out.

Any ideas from anyone?

Nothing is jumping out to me that you are doing wrong. This might be something to submit to glide support.

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Does it work if you do the updates from another tab, not the default “User Profile” tab?

Yes, all the other tab updates are working :slight_smile:

I mean if you add another tab, not the default one, then add a button showing the edit screen and update from there, does it save?

The app is live until Sunday ; luckily I only need the email address to link all the other tabs data, thus it is not a major crises RIGHT NOW. However as I am using this app for event registration involving children, I would need parent (aka USER) detail. Also strange, is that If an image is uploaded, it saves, but not the other fields (name & contact number) I was hoping that it is some setting to tweak, which I am ok to do whilst the app is in use. Adding another tab will become user visible, hence cant really do that now.

On another note, which is more bizarre, editing the user data, does not pull the data from the users table on first attempt. It is only when I click on the 3 horizontal lines in top Left corner, and physically click on the email address, that the data is displayed correctly when editing. I made a video of this to demonstrate.

Looked personally into it. Information was going to User Specific Column in the user sheet due to which it wasn’t displayed on the table.


OK … the problem is now SOLVED with a work around (though in my view, this is still a bug!!!). @Hassan_Nadeem hinted at looking at the property value of the USERS table. All the columns listed in the edit function were configured with “Column is user specific” unchecked, with the exception of the contact number column. I removed the “column is user specific” field from my edit function, replaced it with a new “mobile no” field which I added to the USERS table and all is now working fine.

Why do you need it to be user-specific though?

You will only need to use a user-specific column if you want multiple users to interact with the same cell. Let’s say favoriting an object.

It’s not the case here, as people are only interacting with their own rows. For these cases, you should use a normal column.

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It should’t be user specific, that is the point I am trying to make. The default users table created has the contact number flagged as user specific. I did not flag any column as user specific.

Thanks for your input though.

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Can you go more into this? Is it a default Glide table from a template app? If so, I might need to flag it with the team.

This was my first app that I created, the USERs table was the default table created (when creating the app) with the contact number column created as “user specific”. I did not change this to user specific (didn’t even know I could at the time). This is why I had problems with my users table updates. I agree with you, this column should not default to “user specific”
Warm regards

Not sure if they fixed that or not, or you duplicated it from a template, but here are the only 3 columns that are created by default now.