User Specific Column in Glide Tables not workings

My app’s URL:

The user specific column in Glide Tables containing Profiles will not maintain the information inputted.

This is the quick rundown:

  1. Make a profile
  2. Go to Community
  3. Click a profile
  4. Click Follow
  5. Go back to “My Profile” and see that the person your’re following pops up in an inline list.
  6. Sign Out.
  7. Sign back in.
  8. Go back to My Profile.

You’ll notice that the person you followed is no longer there and you’ll have to do it again.

Is anyone else having this issue?

I think I found the solution on another thread.
Solution: Will be released on Tuesday

Also: it seems that any user specific column in Glide Tables is not working


I want to add @Mark that when I edit the profile picture from the app, via uploading a new one while in edit mode…it will not adjust the image in the Glide Table. It will only change it if I’m editing on the desktop.