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Hi there,
I’m trying to create a simple “points” functionality. For example:
If a user adds an item he gets assigned 1 point and then he can use his point to view other items shared by someone else. 1 point per item.

The basic idea is, the more points you have, the more items you can discover.

Can someone guide me a bit on how can I do this? Currently, I have two data tables, one for users, and another one for items.

Here’s the scenario when I have shared 3 items and I’m seeing 3 items and I get a warning saying that I have 0 points available and I have to add more items in order to discover more:

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You can use the Set Column Values action to add points to a user’s account. You can set up a workflow to add points to a user’s account when they add an item. You can also use the Get Column Values action to retrieve the points from a user’s account and use them to view other items. You can learn more about these actions here: Glide • Set Column Values and here:

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Hi @Alexandru_Giuseppe_I,

So like Cap adds a item and he gets 3 points and Hulk also adds a item and he also gets 3 points. Then when Hulk comes to the discover tab he sees only the others items ( in this case Cap’s added item ) and when he click on it to view the item then his points should subtract 1 and then it becomes 2 points and then it opens the detail screen of that item but if Hulk click on the Cap’s item again then the points should subtract 1 again or not?

Thank you

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You got it perfectly! The only difference is that 1 added items = 1 point not 3
If Hulk click on the Cap’s item again then the points should not subtract again. Only once!

Correct right?

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