State a view by hovering over the item (and not clicking)

hi everyone i was wondering if its possible to make a user specific column where we would store a value in an item , which was viewed by the user in the feed tab. in order to understand better i dont mean when an item is clicked and viewed, i mean just by scrolling on the page we can mark this item viewed and then with the use of filters we can make it so the same item is not showed twice in the feed. and i know that this could be applied simply by showing the items in the list order, but im aiming to make a simple algorithm where the items will be shown on top, based on the clicks they have generated But the ultimate goal is to make it so every couple of seconds the page would show new items ( like refreshing which i will have to look into later) and in that way we avoid showing an item twice

For a start, hovering won’t generate any actions that can store values.

I think the best UX here is user clicks an item and view its details, then you add an increment action to a user-specific column, sort the list so that those viewed items are at the end.

i see what you mean i will look into that ! Thanks!

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