Help - Set a flag once

I have a feed where I ‘show’ if the item has been read or not. Lightbulb means it has been read.

Read means it has been opened via an action (e.g. clicked on). The custom action (lots of ITE) calls a different ‘show screen’ depending on the type of object in the feed. In this example a new event was created and a new target was created. The target has not been looked at (light bulb); the event has not (still shows ‘new’).

Each ITE ‘case’ does a set col value to read and then does the ‘show screen’. I really only want the value to be set to read if it hasn’t been read/set yet (to save updates). There are 20 cases in the ITE and I am trying to avoid replicating all of the them to change the logic to look like:

  • (if this type and not read) - (set col val to read ; show detail screen) and
  • (if this type and read) - (show detail screen).

Just wondering if other Gliders have figured out how to do this - not waste updates to re-update a ‘update-once’ column. Some column magic…maybe.


Couldn’t you just have a User Specific boolean column, and set that to true the first time they view/read the item?

At least, that’s what I usually do in this situation.