"Unread" component to list

I have a list with a bunch of offers. I want to detect which users have read the offer, and there should then be an “Unread” message on the list. So when an offer gets added to the list, I want to have all the users being in the “unread” stage, and when they then click on the list, it should go to “read”.
How can I do this? I’m completely stuck

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You can create a custom action for the list.

Show details screen → set column value of a user-specific date and time column

Then another column with the IF function

If the user-specific date and time column is EMPATHY then “Unread” else “read”.

Hope it helps, if you get stuck again book a call with me

actually, you don’t need that IF-ELSE column, because the USC column itself will be the indicator if the message was read.