Notification in-app question

Hey folks,

the app I’m working at is small e-commerce, usually with new offers weekly.

Is there a way to inform users of those new offers?
I was wondering if it was possible now to have a notification available for users like a “Check our latest offer!” or with a banner inside the app.

Any resource or way to do that?

Thanks a lot!!!

Yes, this is possible. Here is one approach…

  • Let’s say you have a table called “Offers”, with one row for each new offer

  • If you include a User Specific boolean column in that table, you can use that to record the fact that each individual user has seen the offer (and perhaps doesn’t want to see it again)

  • Then you can include a component on your home screen that announces the offer.

  • That component could have a visibility condition that causes it to only be shown when the user specific column associated with an offer is not true

  • Perhaps tapping on that component would lead to a View Details screen, revealing more details about the offer

  • On that screen you could include a Button labeled “Don’t show me this again”, and tapping that button would set the User Specific column to true, and hide the announcement on the home screen

  • Alternatively, if you wanted the offer to persist for the whole week, you could instead use an “Expiry Date” column, and set the visibility condition to something like “now is on or before Expiry Date”


Exactly! We do this with an inline list component that includes “offers” (3:1 scaled images in our case) that when clicked on sets a user specific column to “viewed” AND also an expiry date via expiry date column.

When displaying the inline list of offers, we set up a filter to only show list items that people have yet to click on OR have yet to expire.

Thank you so much!!

I’m having trouble in setting a new component, since I’m using the Swag Template and it’s hard for me to customise it.

Also, it’s not available for me to make it user specific
CleanShot 2021-03-23 at 09.40.06

How can I add new component if the Inline List on the “e-commerce” tab accept just that?

Sorry, I don’t know what you mean by the “Swag Template”?

Does your Table have a Row ID column?
If you add the column via the Glide Data Editor, and a Row ID column doesn’t exist, then you will be prompted to add one.

Sorry, I don’t understand this question.

Just looked at this again and I think I understand now. If you have a List Layout selected, then all you can have on that screen is a single list. If you want additional components, then you need to switch to a Details Layout.

Hey Darren! This is great - I’m trying to do this in my app too but I’m stuck on how to set the column in the user specific column in order to “dismiss” the notification. I’m confused on how to do that… can you please help??

You can do it using a Set Columns action.
Can you describe how you’ve implemented this, and where you got stuck?

Where to begin, where to begin… lol

My setup is very similar to how you laid it out. I have a Notifications tab that looks like this:

When I create the new notification (in the Message column), I then need to change the status of the boolean column to true so that it triggers the visibility of the actual tab in the app, seen below:

Clicking on that opens the message notification (in an inline list) which can be clicked on, then the actual message is viewed. That all works great - the issue I’m having (and hopefully this isn’t an XY problem, lol) is that when the end user clicks the button to “Mark as read,” it either doesn’t change the user specific boolean or it changes ALL of them. This is what my custom action looks like:

I guess I’m confused how to setup the Boolean column up so that it’s true for ALL users when it’s a user specific column. That’s why there are two, because if I can tie the non user specific one to the user specific one, I can trigger it to true on check then the visibility of the tab can be based on the user specific one… if that makes sense

UPDATE: I changed the function of the set column action to clear value in the user specific column and it seems to work now but I still need to be able to show true for all users at one time

You shouldn’t need the extra boolean column - just the single user specific boolean will do.
All you need to do is reverse your logic. What I mean is, when you create a new notification, that user specific column will be empty (not true) for all users. So you can take advantage of that - show the notification when that column is not true (NB. It’s preferable to use not true, as that covers the case of false, and the case of empty).

Then as each user marks the notification as read, you set that column to true.


That worked!! Thanks @Darren_Murphy!!

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