In App Notification

I would like to create an In app info regarding new todos or projects.
I have to todos:

NEW Label in a todo-List.
In the todo I would like to add a new tag / image, which is user specific shown when he has not opend the todo jet. Therefor I created a table which collects all todos which have been viewed. I link that with the todo and collect all user names, which have seen it. That works. Now I have connected the image column with the list. And I just now have to say… IF signed in user has not seen the todo show the image. … how can I do that? And I also want to add the same image to the whole row. How to do that?

The second Idea would be to have a notification element in the corner of the app… like we know it from facebook and so on. It should collect all new todos. Does someone have an idea for that?

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What I would do is have a screen with a list of ToDo’s. In the table I would add a user specific boolean column or a date column. When a user clicks on an item in the list, a custom action could first set the boolean to true or set the date column with the current date before showing the details of that item.

Then all you need is an IF column to check if the Boolean or Date is set and return New or an image url.

You can use a template column, or single value column, or simply the IF column to load the same image on every row.

This seems unnecessary unless you need to track which users have seen the Todo. Otherwise I would eliminate that table and do everything in the Todo table.

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Thanks for your feedback. I think that will work.
And regarding the notification? Do you have any idea?

I also have very often the situation where I would like to link to another table.
A sample ist now, that I for examle have the name of the person who is working on a todo but I also want his e-mail adress. So best case would be to make an if column, where I can link that. But it does not work, cause IF only works in the same table. Do you have a recommendation here?

Best Andi

I don’t have any great ideas short of placing some sort of component on every screen. Some people have simulated a notification icon on a tab button with a bunch of ugly CSS and some extra logic in the tables, but it’s not long term viable and would still require you placing extra code on every screen. I would probably do a rollup column in the user profile table to rollup the unread tasks, then use a template column to add some text to that number, then add a component on screens that pull the value from the user table. Maybe a hint component or something like that.

I would actually save the email to the table, or alternately the row ID from the user profile, then use a relation column to link the email or ID to the user profile table, followed by lookup columns to retrieve Name, etc. from the user table.

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