How to check values for checklist from user tables

Hey guys,

  • we have todos as checklist created from a separate table “todos”
  • each row links to a separate new screen/subpage linked to the user table because user will enter some data on the subpage
  • default values in the checklist are unchecked
  • if user enters and saves data on the new screen/subpage, the value in the list item should be checked.

How to link this logic between the user and the todos table?

the checkmark value is on that table… all you have to do is to add a custom action to mark that value as true when saving data

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I bet you probably want something like this:

That is a list of things done differentiated by user; it is an another approach that does not involve the use of the checklist style, but simulates it.
If I guessed it, if you need clarification let me know.



Hey @Roldy. Thanks for the helpful video tutorial.

Before starting the implementation I have one more question:
How can I enable different detail views for the todos?

I chose the inline component

  • action “show new screens” doesn´t enable different views
  • action “detail screen” with indepedant screen configuration enables different views but no possibility to store data from the subviews to the user table
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This is the right way to make independent detail screens :point_up_2:

Just be able to make sure that the data you need is available on the screen; this is usually done with relation + lookup columns, or with single value columns.
If you let me explain the practical case I’ll explain how to achieve the result.

Hey @Roldy,

this is the use case:

ToDo List with three todos for the user in order to set up user´s portfolio.
ToDo 1 = Add asset class 1
ToDo 2= Add asset class 2
ToDo 3= Choose risk type
and so on…

Assets from class 1 and 2 should be stored in the user in order to do a parent calculation.

Ok…, if I understand correctly:

  • To collect data (asset class 1, asset class 2, risk type) you should define USC columns in the “Todo Table”.
  • So, for Assets data class 1 and 2 we have in the “Todo Table” a single relation towards the users row, therefore we can write this data into the user row with a “set column action”.
    And where we’ve to write for Todo3?
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So I setup the Todo table according to your guidelines like this:

Is this right? Can you elaborate how to write the data in the user table now?

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Yes, I’ll do it in a little while.
If your data structure is what I see here, you could also do it all in one screen by setting component visibility criteria. But I will continue on the path of the independent screens that you set up in this app, so as not to confuse you. That’s okay too don’t worry.

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@Roldy you are the best! Thanks again for patience and support.

The videos gave me a deeper understanding of glide and implementation was quite easy with that. :smile:


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