Previewing user-specific data in linked table

Hi there,

Loving Glide so far.

I was wondering if I can view/display the user-specific data of from a table in another app?

Basically, I have an admin and client app with the same table of ‘clients’ (this serves as the user’s table in the client app)

When a client checks items off their checklist, I store this boolean value as a user-specific column in the linked ‘actions’ table.

I would like this checklist visible, by client, in the admin app.

Is this possible? All I can find on the topic is this:


Yes, and that’s exactly how it works, as long as the table is shared by both Apps.

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Got it, thanks. So the screenshot above is wrong? I can’t pull that data through into my admin app.

This might be related
Currently, I have a different ‘Users’ table in each app.
One table for Clients (client app) and one called Admin (admin app).

Do I have to make them the same ‘Users’ table for the user-specific columns to be visible in both apps?

No, it’s not wrong. With shared tables, each user will see their own (same) version of user specific data in each App.

But maybe you are misunderstanding how User Specific data works?
User Specific does mean exactly what it says. As an admin (or any other) user, you have no way to see the user specific data of other users. If that is what you were expecting, then no, that won’t work.

No, that shouldn’t make any difference.

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Ok, that’s the functionality I was looking for.

Dissapointed this is the case! Any workarounds you can think of?

Ideally would not want to have to use Glide table view as my backend to view the client checklist

Not sure. Is it a fixed list? If so, the probably the easiest option would be to have a series of columns (for the list), and then one row per user.

Another option might be to store the list as a JSON string with one row per user. Hard to say…

It’s a long list, of ~100 items to check off.

Hard to do as individual columns…

Okay, so another option could be to store a list of UserID’s in a column in your CheckList table. Each time a user completes an item, add their ID to the list. The list could either be a Joined List (comma-separated), or an Array. An array is probably easier to manipulate. In fact you could use the Multiple Files column for this purpose (I know this, because I have). To add to the array, use a Make Array column. And to remove from the array, use a Remove Element column.

Ok, great, will explore this.

A n00b question:

  • Would I use actions feature to manipulate the list/array through the Layout?
    How would I use Make Array / Remove Element in the Layout view?

Yes, use a combination of computed columns and actions. You need three columns:

  • A Multiple Files column. Ensure it is not user specific.
  • A Make Array column. This one takes two inputs:
    – The Multiple Files column
    – The signed in Users UserID
  • A Remove Element column. This also takes the same two inputs (removing the signed in Users UserID from the multiple files column)

When a user marks an item as complete, use a Set Column Values action to write the value from the Make Array column into the Multiple Files column.
And if they need to do the opposite, do the same with the Remove Element column.

To get a list of completed tasks per user, create a multiple relation column in your Users table that matches the UserID with the Multiple Files column in your Checklist/Tasks table.

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