Accessing data in user specific columns

I use “Rating” component, it is great. Could someone instruct me how could I possibly get all these user specific data within the app? I can see each and every single data for each user in “View as” section of data editor, but I need to see e.g. what was average rating score as well as which user appointed which rating and form some lists as well as branch in the app. The same applies for user specific columns filled in with notes, likes or emojis.

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I know. It take more legwork than simply adding the rating component and adding to the details screen.

Here are a couple methods:

Here’s another video I made last year:


Tnx a lot!!!
I was overoptimistic concerning user specific columns, hoping that Glide offers elegant solution for using user specific data stored in the database. IMHO Glide should automatically offer the table of these data, because they have that already in the database. Both solutions you depicted here are actualy redundant to the information Glide anyhow has stored! Today’s solution with columns is ok for me for statistics, but last year solution with rows I would need if I want to match ratings with users.
Your solutions are great, but they actually fight with the Glide shortcomings in these features!

Anyhow your work is great!

You do have access to the data if you manually download it, you just can’t use it in your app without the workarounds I suggested.

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Tnx a lot, nice idea for off line gettinguser specific data. Really after download there is something like this, but actualy hard to understand:

These are really user specific column, but I should get real values!? There is no information which row was rated!?

In addition, one user e-mail is anonymized, why?

If you are on the pro plan! Make sure you are taking in real email addresses!
That could be an old entry in the DB which wasnt cleared!

This is pretty much how user specific columns work. I don’t believe the data is actually stored in the visible table that contains the user specific columns. It’s actually stored in a separate table behind the scenes. It’s a one-to-many relationship, so user specific data needs to be in a separate table. It’s like a special type of relation/lookup combination, but Glide handles all of it for us.

Glide creates their own hidden relation that includes the email of the signed in user, as well as the row ID of the row that contains the user specific column. When you use a user specific column, it’s like a single relation and a lookup column all neatly packaged into one single user specific column. All you need to do is link up the Row ID in your main table and the Row ID in the user specific table. Each email in the user specific table will be a unique entry per user per row. There is enough information there to link individual user specific data to the matching row.

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tnx jeff, sound very promising! I tried to do it according to my understanding, but I hit the wall! :frowning:

Here I am referring to your hint; "All you need to do is link up the Row ID in your main table and the Row ID in the user specific table. Each email in the user specific table will be a unique entry per user per row. "

In the main table I added relation column (multiple!) “RatingRelation”, but no configuration yields nice result you explained here!? RowID in my main table is clear, but what is “user specific table”? I have user specific COLUMN, not such kind of TABLE? What I don’t get?

Could you possibly give some example and pertinent screenshot?

Well, you don’t actually see the user specific table in glide. You only see it when you export the data like you have shown in your screenshot. That table is internal to glide only, so it can serve up the correct user specific data to the correct user.

I was only referring to the fact that once you have exported the data, you can link up the user specific data for all users to the corresponding row in the main table with the “offline snapshot” of the data (outside of glide). I was not referring to any ability to do the same within glide.

Long story short, there is no easy way to access user specific data within glide, because the data is meant to be specific to only one user. The only roundabout way would be to export the data, then add that data to new tables that could be read in glide. It’s a very manual process though, and would never contain live data

When you open an app that contains user specific columns, only the data for that signed in user is downloaded to the device. All other user specific data for other users is not downloaded to the device at all, so it isn’t even accessible no matter how hard you try. Obviously, the builder is a bit of an exception, since you can preview as different users, but that is not the case with a published app.

While I do agree that components, like ratings, favorites, likes, etc are lacking in their ability to aggregate data from multiple users in an easy and useful way…I do feel that user specific columns are working as intended…especially from a security standpoint.

Unfortunately, if you need input from multiple users to be accessible within the app, then that data is going to have to exist as sperate rows for each user in a separate table, so you can create a one-to-many relationship.

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Dear Jeff!
Tnx a lot, this exactly also my understanding! Hopefully Glide development will make possible online access to user specific tables from the app, at least in read-only mode.