Rating items?

I want my event attendees to be able to rate the sessions that they attend, and I’m using the star rating item. According to the Glide video I just watched, if I add a user specific column to my sheet, it should have prompted me to create a user id column as well, but it did not prompt me to do so. I linked the star component to the user specific column, but do I now need to create a user id colum as well?

Actually, no. It would prompt you to add a RowID (not user ID) column, but only if your table is not a native Glide table. If your table is a Glide table, then a RowID column isn’t strictly required.

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Oh, ok, I had watched this video (User-specific columns) which is why I thought I needed it.

I also tried logging into the app using my personal email, so I could see how it would look to someone else, and when I went to the left slide out menu, I could see both user profiles (work and personal), but the app is letting me edit the user profile that is under my work email even when I’m logged in with my personal email, like I could edit the email or name or anything else even though I’m logged in as a different user! That can’t be right! You can see in the second screenshot that it would have let me edit the user profile details for another person (I mean it’s still myself because I’m just testing it out), but users shouldn’t be able to edit the info of other users, right?!

Oh wait, I see now. I might need to turn on row owner? What if I want users to be able to choose what data they show? Maybe they want to show their name and image, but not their email for things like the chat feature? Or for making a public comment on an item?

Yes, you need to decide whether or not you want to use Row Owners in your User Profiles.

Just ask yourself if there is any data in your User Profiles that you wouldn’t want made public. If there is, then you should use Row Owners.

If you then want to make some of your Users data public, then there are ways to do that. I think you are using AirTable, is that right?

What’s the best way to download the rating data? I can see that the rating data in the user unique column changes if I change which user I’m viewing the data as, so that’s good in that I set it up correctly to capture unique data from each user, but is there a way that I can download all of the date in one swoop once the event is over?

Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 10.25.39 AM

This is what I do:

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Sorry, I’m still confused. It looks like your way is using Excel, connected to Glide. I have all of my data living just in Glide. I started trying to type this all out, but I decided to just do a screen recording as I thought that might be easier for you to understand what I’m trying to do. Hopefully this screen recording makes sense.

Because you have User Specific Columns, there is no way to rollup/summarise for all users inside the App. What you could try doing is exporting your data via Settings → Data → Export App Data. I believe that export will include user specific data.

Aha, I think I just figured it out the way that Robert was showing, thanks!