How do I personalize ratings?

I would like to use the rating component to let users personally rate items in my app.

When someone selects a number of stars, the component should pass the value to the sheet.
This requires User Specific columns, so each user will experience their own data for that component - allowing the rating value to be unique to them.

However, when trying to create this column in the DB, I do not see the option to add a rating field (see image below). How can I add a User Specific rating column?

I think you can add a form to capture that.

@Jer00n first of all, welcome back!

Try adding a Number column in user-specific. Go in the screen you wanna add the Ratings, click in the + up right in the page, and add the Rating component choosing the Number column you just created.


I think I misread this or this might not be exactly what you want, just wanna warn that user-specific values won’t be passed to the sheet.

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No problem :smile:
I just dont know if glide’s available to get the average in user-specific with a Rollup column.

@ThinhDinh have you recently try it?

I have not, currenly I don’t have an immediate use for it.

I made a test here, and still works getting the average for each user, not all users

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OK, so like this in the DB sheet on Glide, right?

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Thank you! Much appreciated :smiley:

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To average the ratings from each user’s user-specific columns would require rollups over user specific columns. I believe that functionality is in development.

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Yeah, it is. And hope we get soon :smile:
No for this, but fav buttons, like button etc