Average user-specific ratings

Hey guys,

I have a rating that is user-specific on an item. It works well to view the values with the “view as” feature, but when I want to calculate an avergae rating, it is no option to manually collect the values this way.

I see some options:

  1. Best would be to use roll-up and average on the item’s table. When doing so, it does the average over ALL items (not the row, but the column). It should use the Row’s user-specific values to calculate the average.
  2. Export all user-specifc values for the items and calculate in Excel or so. When I export, I only get the values from the first user, not from all.
  3. Creating a table that seperately holds the rating values, but still using the nice stars without crazy workarounds over forms…

Do you see some way to accomplish this?
For this use case, exporting would also be fine, since it is a “one-off” voting on a specific deadline. Is this an option in the PRO plan?


Yes, you can’t roll up user specific values for multiple users.

What I would do here is add two global counters for each item. One to hold the sum of all ratings, and another to hold the total count of ratings.

You would need to dispense with the native ratings component, and use something else that you can attach an action to. Then every time a user adds a rating, use that action to increase the global counters.

Hmmh, this would also get tidious, think editing the rating, own UI etc…

So, using the given star rating, I cannot export the user-specific values as well, correct?
This would be the easiest for my use case.

And, tehre is also no way to write a separate, line-by-line table with this standard UI, correct?

Thanks for your support.

I’ve never actually tried that, but you noted that it only gives you data for a single user. I’m not sure what the expected behaviour is there. It might just give you the data for the user that you are viewing as when you trigger the export.

Yes, a bit more work to setup. But once you have it setup it should be fine. But the advantage of this approach is that you have the data available to use in Glide.

I’m not sure what you mean by this - can you elaborate a bit?

Yeah, so it looks like it takes the first users values only. The feature looks great, and it actually stores the values correctly in the internal DB, I just can’t get it exported… It would solve all my issues if I would just get all values comma separated in a field in the export.

Sure, I mean that if someone gives a rating, I want to create a single line in a gsheet/airtable with the email (or ID) of the user, plus timestamp, plus a field that holds the rating value. And, all this with a standard rating element… I can do this with a form, right? But I would like to use it with the default star ratings.



Ah, I see.
No, you can’t do that with the Ratings component, as it doesn’t support actions.
You wouldn’t necessarily need to use a form though. You could adapt any component that supports actions. For example, an inline list could be adapted to do the job. So it could still be a single click action for a user. Only problem with an inline list is you would probably want to use a 3x1 tiles configuration, and the most you can get is 4 in a row. So if you wanted a rating scale of 1-5 you’d probably need one row of 3 and one row of 2. Not ideal, but it could be made to work.