Averaging Rating Data


So we have an app for a conference very similar to template one, however, we would like users to be able to rate each speaker and for the app to show the average rating for each speaker. I know there is no native function for this yet but is there a workaround anyone could explain?

Any ideas would be appreciated!


Every use should be able to rank the speaker (which I can do with user-specific rows & the rating input), however, I would then like to take all the data from all the users and average it to get an average rating to display in a chart on the app for everyone to see. The second part is where I am stuck.

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This concept might help you.

If you still have questions about it please come back here and we will try to help.


Thank you for your quick help! The idea was perfect, however, unfortunately, the ‘ratings’ field does not have the option to add an action to it. So I could pivot and have a like function, but, if you know of anything else that could help with a cumulative rating and averaging of the rating tool that would be awesome!

Thank you for your time.


You can do it in a separate screen like this.


You would store the rating to a user-specific column that only serves as a temporary storage on the second screenshot. Let’s call it “temporary rating”.

Force users to make a decision whether to “submit” or not. If they press submit you write that value to another column “permanent rating”, also a user-specific column. Serves only as a way to show the rating to the signed-in user later on.

Now for the average, it gets a bit complicated. You would need 2 columns to help here:

  • A total global rating column (number, normal column).

  • A total global raters (number, normal column).

On the submit action chain, after the set column to the “permanent user rating”, next actions would be incrementing the total global rating by the permanent user rating, then increment 1 in the total global raters.

Finally, the average would be a math column: Total global rating/Total global raters.



Thank you that works perfectly! Thank you for your time and help much appreciated.


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