⭐️ Introducing the Rating Component

:new: Introducing the Rating component! A quick way for users to submit their feedback using stars… or pizzas! why not :pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza:? Read more in our docs.


Does it average the ratings from each user if we use user-specific columns?
If not, that would be a great addition.


We need rollups over user specific columns before we can do that I believe.


Yes, makes sense.

In its current form we can use it to allow users to submit their own ratings using a user-specific column. It’s almost like Favorites, but on a scale.

Without user-specific columns, anybody can change the absolute rating for that item, at which point it would make little sense.

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If we don’t use user specific then for the item the value going to the sheets aggregate or average so we can present it back?

Love this. Can’t wait for you guys to apply the same “choose your own icon” to other areas of the product. That little edit pencil in the upper corner for example… and of course the Favorite Heart… which would be great as a bookmark icon, star, heck I’d even take pizza over the heart for personal favorite collecting.


It looks great, like your amazing work.

However, maybe I am wrong, but I feel that it is like the “Like” button :

  • It is interesting only if it is only for a user-specific view (like your own reminder)

  • It does not work on a community, where the average score would be displayed (which seems to be the most common scenario).

How would you for example rate a pizza in a restaurant menu and have all users see that this pizza has a rating of 4/5 stars (average) ?

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You’d need to use a form button still for community ratings. Can’t use a rating component to display the rating either because it would over write the current total, right?

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I thought this was going to aggregate that but looks like it’s user specific?

@Robert_Petitto - Do you have an example of form button for community ratings ?

Nope…I was mistaken. The rating button doesn’t exist in Forms. It’s a slick looking component, but kind of unusable practically until rollup over user specific columns arrives.


Hmmm. I had already big plans for this. :frowning:

We’ll fix this.

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Neither does increment…I assume that’s intentional?

Would you use Increment in a Form? For what purpose?

Easy add/subtract increments of points (by 5s, let’s say) to prevent user error.

Say I only wanted users to award points in increments of 5. Currently, I’d have to use a choice component with a preset list of multiples of 5s. A number entry allows users to enter in whatever they want.



How to display the rating to other user? I see only rating picker component. Thank you.

See other comments above, it’s specific to the user

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Hey @jiabmsu_msu

This might help you.


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Any plan to support aggregation over user-specific columns?

Or to expose the full table (which does exposed during export) to google sheet or as a glide table?

This would solve the problem since aggregation could be made privately in a google sheet, and pushed back into another sheet or glide table to be displayed in the app.