Beautiful. Was talking to @Robert_Petitto the other day when the increment option was in place, now we don’t have to think about it anymore I suppose.



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I like the dollar sign rating—good for restaurants to gauge inexpensive vs expensive like you see on Yelp, Google Reviews, etc.

Pizza Rating is interesting. Maybe a foreshadowing of allowing us to use other icons?!

The default blue was a bold choice…not theme color?

Regardless BRAVO Glide Team…5 Stars :wink:


And here I was proud of my Medium-style clapping:


Is that the best circle you could draw? Looks like my 5 year old drew that :rofl:


Jeff is pretty new in this “feature announcement” business so give him some slack :rofl:


Oh god not the Medium claps :sweat_smile:


Oh come on! At least the start and end of the ?circle? are connected… That takes a little bit of skill. :wink:


Okay okay…that’s true. It was an enclosed shape highlighting the feature. Well done.


I am confused!
I want people to rate the app.
I have created a user specific column (emoji) but have also tried number
I have put the rating element in the app and can select the number of stars etc,
Now what ?
Should there be an enter or submit button as nothing is going into data?

Entry fields on a detail view screen should automatically update the column instantly? Same as a text entry or choice component in view mode. Is that not happening?

I think I know what I have done
I put the rating field onto a page (Welcome) that did not display the logged in users…
Altough the data sheet I used has a row ID it does not have the email addresses of the logged in users.
So is there a way to copy the logged in users email addresses onto another data page ?
I have a page called users and a page called welcome…

How do you make it a cummlative rating of all users, or is it setup to do that already?

Hi everyone - trying to make it so that the ratings column I created is user specific, but data editor isn’t allowing me to. How do you make the destination column user specific for when folks enter their ratings?

I can do a rollup later when they allow us to average the ratings together, but in the meantime, I do want to allow folks to rate how helpful videos are to them without each one getting overridden by the most recent rating (i.e. making the rating column user specific)


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Thanks @Jeff_Hager! I was just worried because I got this pop-up that I didn’t see in that article when I referenced it before.

Just click on the Add Row ID button. Row ID’s are needed so Glide has a unique value to track user specific columns and the rows they belong to in case you start deleted or shuffling data around.

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You shouldn’t need the email in the row for a user specific column to work. Selecting a rating should just write it to the column uniquely for each user. Do you have a row for data to write to, or is it just headings? You need to be on a specific row.

In any case, if you want the signed in user’s email in the welcome sheet, then if you are using user profiles, you can create a template column and set it to the user profile email.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager! Appreciate your assistance greatly

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Hi Jeff
After a weekend, I am still confused…
I have experimented with two colums in the data sheet, one that was created from within Glide and the other that is from the Google sheet. I have put a value in the first row.
When I enter from within the developer side the information is added to the sheet but it will not work from a user side - Unless I log in with my developer email address which does work… None of my other email addresses adds the information…
So going back to you comments: -
If the ratings are not put on the row with the email address do they just appear in a collumn ie not associated with a user?
I have not encountered a Template column so not sure what to do with that but I will look at the tutorial video.
Perhaps you could take a look and point to where I have gone wrong?