Screen data for actions on inline list

I am changing some design in the app and replacing buttons with an inline list of tiles as icons.
The list is a “Menu” table and it is on a user detail screen when the signed in user is NOT the same user as the detailed screen and is viewing different users.
The buttons used to open relations between the user table and my desired new screen.
Now for some reason I done have the screen data rows when using the action of clicking on the list.
How do I save the current user I am viewing to create the relation?
Hope I was able to explain myself.

I’m not sure I understand 100% your problem here. So you have an inline list of icons for every user and it shows only when the user is not viewing their own profile?

Yes, for example a manager viewing his workers profiles.
and I need to perform actions when he opens each item of the list, and the conditions of these actions are based on the viewed user data, but I have no “screen columns” in the actions of this inline list.
I need to be able to tell which user he is viewing from the inline list component.

Add a template column taking the user’s email to the users list, then a relation back to the email column to get a link to the signed in user’s row.

Then every time a manager access a user’s profile, add a set column to write that user’s email back to a “viewing email” column using the relation above.

Then you can use that viewing email value as a user profiles column in your set columns.

I’m not sure I have ever seen screen columns being available in a scenario like yours.

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It was a mess at first but eventually worked.
I still think screen columns for inline lists would be a much easier approach :slight_smile:

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