Can't access screen data for Add Row action

I am working on an expense sharing app

On an expense screen, I am display as an inline list the users that may be concerned by the expense (from Expense > Count > Users relationship).
I can’t access screen data to Add Row with the given expense id I am currently in. The only solution I have found so far is to add a Form Button for the given sheet where I am able to pre-fill the data using the right column. See screenshots below:

Which table store those columns you can access?

Creating an action on an inline list will act on the data that’s contained within that inline list, and not from the screen. Because of that, only the data from the table that drives the inline list is available.

If doesn’t appear that Screen Values are available either, so what I would probably do it create a custom action that writes the expense ID to the user profile sheet when you click on an expense to view it’s details. Then you can have global access to the expense ID through the user profile when setting up your Add Row action.

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I can’t use “set column values” action when creating a custom action as it does not write on the User sheet.

The only way I could think of to use your trick is a custom webhook to the google sheet. Though I’d like to do it pure glide. Is there something I am missing?

  • Create a template column in the current sheet and fill it with the signed in users email or UserID
  • Use this column to build a single relation to your Users sheet.
  • You can then do a Set Columns Values through that relation

worked well thanks ! though i feel that this workaround from the very basic request of having screen data available is odd to me, maybe I should add a feature request?