Put link to screen in table


I would like to add a column with the link to the screen in my spreadsheet. I want to convert this massive link into a small link with Bit.ly using Zapier.

However, I can only find the option to get this link when you do an action on the page using ‘Set Column Value’. Is there any option to fill in this column when the row is added?

in add row action, you can choose a link to the current screen:

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Thanks! However, when using the Normal Glide ‘Add Form’, I can’t use the ‘Add Row’, right? So I think I’ll have to do something with a new table and a relation coluumn

always use custom forms, for advanced projects…
in your case, you would have to pull the last row ID using a single value column and relate it to the form entry sheet… this way you can set columns in that new row from form, with a link to screen in on submit action

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What I usually do is either:

1/Use a custom form like Uzo said, on entry of the “custom form” screen, you set a unique ID to a user-specific column.

When you submit the form, you add that unique ID to a column in the destination table as well. On the same custom form table, create a relation using that unique ID to the destination table. The action should look like this:

  • Add row
  • Show details screen of unique ID relation
  • Set link to current screen to the deep link column of the destination table’s row

However, I believe that in some cases the relation might not be created in time for the action to fire.

2/Just add the row normally, then in the inline list that you show to the user, add a custom action as below:

  • Show detail screen
  • Set link to current screen to the deep link column of the destination table’s row

This is more reliable, though you must navigate to that screen immediately after submitting to make sure the deep link is there.