Differences between Link to Screen and Navigate to Tab


There is something that I can’t explain when creating an action adding first a new row with datas in a sheet then choosing between Link to screen and Navigate to Tab to go to that sheet in the App.

On the one hand, when you choose Link to screen after creating a new row the new screen shows automatically the first row of the sheet (and not the row you created) and you need another action (with a relation column) to get to the row you just created.

On the other hand, when you choose Navigate to tab you go directly to the last row (the one you created). Hence no need to do a relation column BUT you need to add a Tab which is not what I want.

If anyone knows how to use Link to screen and go directly to the last row created that would be great.

Marc Olivier
Ps : si vous êtes français vous pouvez rédiger la réponse en français aussi, Merci.

You would need to be a link to screen via a relation that points to that last row OR link to screen > this item > add an inline list component that’s filtered to that last row. Probably the easiest way would be to do a single value column > last > whatever sheet > rowID, then relate the rowID of the single value column to the rowID of the sheet you’re referencing.

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Hello Robert
Thanks for your message and help! I started to have the same idea as you described (with a single value column) but with link to screen it’s a 2 step process still

Step 1/ new row action + link to screen (then the action shows you an inline list with this item only thanks to the single value column which is what I want)


Step 2/ you have to click on it to add new data on that “mother” row, and I need to then to create daughters row that I can relate for further purposes (that part works)

But with navigate to tab it’s one step only I add new row and I am in the new mother row immediately no need to click on it. :wink:
Keep up the good work (If I understand well you are a teacher like me;-))