🔗 Enhanced Link to Screen Action

The Link to Screen action has been enhanced significantly and can now be configured to open relations as well as the current row.

Each Link to Screen action has an independently configurable screen, so you can have different detail screens for the same row depending on where you come from. Or you can have a “show more” button which shows a different screen for the same row with more information. Read more in our documentation.

Let us know what you use it for below! :slightly_smiling_face:


Love this!!!

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Simply brilliant.

I have immediate use in an app I’m building for a client. :100:

After reading the documentation, I believe the “this row” feature will be the most widely used aspect of this new functionality:

Linking to the current row

This initially may sound strange (why would you want to show the same row of the current item you are on?) but when you consider that the screen you link to can be configured independently of the first screen then it makes sense. In the app below the link to screen acts as a ‘read more’ function - enabling us to show more of the current row when the user taps into the next screen.

I had asked for this feature a while back here:

Thrilled it’s here! BRAVO!



I have an app that uses the form component just to show more info from the same sheet. Whit this I can leave behind the form UI that some times create confusion


I have one too, but for my personal project: Substack Discovery

Demo in Video format

Initially, I had used ‘Same Row’ to show the blog post in the markdown format. But it makes working with the Google Sheets difficult because of the length of the markdown text.

I then moved the markdown text to a different tab, and used relations to show the markdown text.

It solves the problem of not being able to view content from some of the platforms in web view (substack, notion, Evernote, etc.)

I used https://euangoddard.github.io/clipboard2markdown/ to convert HTML to markdown.

I think @maschera will find it useful too.


The link to the documentation seems broken - I could not get to it.

Another sweet update :star2:

Thanks Glide :slight_smile:

How I used Link to Screen >> This row.

I definitely do, thanks Amit!

Yea our documentation host was down today - they’ve fixed it now. Thanks

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So…no link to screen… detail view??

Thanks Jack. I am able to view now.

Can’t you just change the the layout style of the link to screen after you click on the button?

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Yes showing all…list,cards, tiles etc but not Detail property

@Gerard_Fernandez These are the style options I get after clicking through on a link to screen action. What are you using for your data source on the link to screen action? Are you using a relation or one of the other options, like ‘this item’? Can you share some screenshots?




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Thanks @Jeff_Hager

So Red Button…Ver más Vendidas

When click on red button

As properties it shows
List Compact Tiles Calendar Map Checklist and cards…,but no detail

Using a relation as source

I see what you are saying now. Yes I get the same result when using a relation with the link to screen action. I’m guessing it’s assumed that if you have a multiple relation, you would want to see the multiple records in one of the list formats. If you change your relation column to a single relation by unchecking ‘multiple’, then the link to screen action will take you directly into the details layout.

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Thanks Jeff !!! I can t change to single relation.Details gives of course more flexibility.

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