🔗 Enhanced Link to Screen Action

Hi, for a very basic usecase (a HomePage menu linking to existing pages), I’m struggling a bit with setting-up the Relation column for the new “Link to Specific Screen” functionality.

I have created & customised in Glide three pages: 1. Lessons | 2. Challenges | 3. Dashboard

To setup my HomePage, in the “Home” table, I created 1 column with the table names (1. Lessons | 2. Challenges | 3. Dashboard).

But how to setup the relation…

  • relate with what ? how to relate to several different pages in 1 column?
  • will it lead to my existing pages or create new ones (I would have to rebuild everything)
  • and are there Users consequences due to Glide requiring it to be ‘user specific’?

Thanks !

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Do you store these pages in 3 sheets?

Hi @ThinhDinh

I have 4 sheets (the 3 on top of ‘HomePage’ being already created in Glide, so I just want to link to them):

  • HomePage
  • Lessons
  • Challenges
  • Dashboard

You can just link to those screens like Jeff stated here, or am I missing something?

In fact I think that “I” am missing something; I’ve looked at this post for an hour and don’t understand why I cannot replicate it…

The doubt that I have is whether this linktoscreen new function enable to link with an already customised page in glide.

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It’s not. You can link to the sheet that contains the data and customize it however you like.

Ok, thanks.

So, if I’m correct, I:

  • first: have to build the “home page” with the menu
  • second: then basically link to screen and build each page from there; therefore, I must not add each page in the Tabs section.

I feel like my question is coming back to my very basics 2 months ago!! So sorry, but I’m surely missing (a big) something with regards to this functionnality

Yes that’s what I meant. Try it and tell us if something is wrong compared to your expectations.

Is it possible to use “link to screen” to link to another tab?

@Jim_Parish this isn’t possible but would be really nice. Pls make it a feature request in the feature request app


For the time being, in my understanding, to link to another tab you would need to link to the same sheet (as that tab) and then configure the link tab exactly as the tab in your navigation.

(I hope this makes sense.)