Button > Link to Screen > Same List Item?

I have an inline list of projects. On the details screen of Project A, I want a button that opens a new screen of Project A’s details. I know I can do this now with a relation to self, but I’d rather have a button for aesthetics.

Anyone know of a good way to use a button to link to screen that doesn’t show the complete list of projects but rather only the project for which the button was located?

Right now, if I add a button > link to screen > same sheet/tab > Details style, it displays the first row in the sheet rather than the row I was already on. Would love a solution to this!

Should also mention that relation to self doesn’t work because I’d get the same details screen. A button to link to screen would provide me with a new layout, theoretically.


Sorry, drawing a blank on this one. It’s my understanding that you can’t link to screen as well as dynamically specify a record you want to view.

Ya…figured as much :confused: Maybe a second sheet altogether with the details I want using import range (view only)?

Ah, welcome to this dark room @Robert_Petitto :slight_smile:

I saw this problem weeks ago and thought it was a bug, I tried 3 several ways or tricks but no way… always crashed into the same Detail View!!

Although the Screens are independent (work as layouts) in the same tab, there is an only one detail view to all screens.

I stopped the development of an APP due to it 2 weeks ago. Your post reminded me my tragedy

I hope it would be a bug and not a feature by design

Saludos Robert

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Yeah, you can only establish a unique layout on the top level of a tab or link to screen. Any levels below that top level and it will use the details layout already established elsewhere in the app. It’s always been this way. There’s advantages and disadvantages to this depending on the situation. There used to be screen variants in staging which looked hopeful for dealing with this, but that idea must have fizzled out with technical difficulties.

@Robert_Petitto yeah, your best best best is probably a relation with a duplicated sheet.

Yes, I too handled this problem by making a separate sheet, then linking back or to the sheet that you need. Just put a filter on the new screen to only view the info that is needed.

For a long time, it was bothering me as well. But I found a way to get around it…I think. :crazy_face:

@Robert_Petitto @Jeff_Hager I am facing the same issue right now. Have you found any relevant solution ?

What if when the button is clicked it is a compound action that adds a true value to a empty column and the screen you link to filters by that column for true?

Glide has this now…Link to screen > This Item


Very Nice

Bob you should mark this as the solution.

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