Link To Screen From Image or Button

Edit : To put into feature request category.

I’ve created a few tabs already, which I think are the same thing as screens when using the link to screen option with images or buttons. However, when I use the link to screen option and select the tab of data I want to link to, it links to a NEW version of that page instead of the same layout I have already built. Is it possible to link to an EXISTING tab/screen?

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Not that I’m aware…though this would be such a handy feature. You should request it!


I have been using to “link to screen” quite a bit. I, on the other hand, want the screens to be different but using the same underlying data. Thereby, I don’t need to remodel all the detail screens for every different screen.

You could use a List relation component to link to an existing screen - it will not look like an image or button though. If the screen you are linking to have more than 1 row of data the List relations will shown how many items you have in the list. If there is only 1 row of data you can put an image and relevant text.