Link to screen from table or text

Because I dont want my viewers have to scroll accross tabs, I have a menu page using images (screen shot below) and by clicking on an image it takes them to another screen / page.
Is there a way that I can do the same but linking from text rather that a graphic, ideally in a table?

Yes, you could do it several ways…but…

What is your action on each image? Is it a Link to screen or a Navigate to tab? Does it link to the same sheet, or is each section a different sheet?
It might become really complicated depending on how your app is set up. If it’s a Link to Screen action, then any changes may destroy any of those linked screens. If it’s a navigate to tab, then you may be ok.

Ideally, I would have used a Compact List, because it’s the exact same look as you have with the images, but it’s a list derived from rows in a sheet. If all of your buttons link to the same sheet, then it’s a little easier since you can have independent screen configuration for list items.

Overall, before making any changes, I think we need to better understand how each image button is set up, where it’s linking to, and details about the sheet each button links to.


Thanks for your input…
If you click on “Menu” at the bottom of the page you can see the graphic links page and follow the actions ! -