How do you use a button to direct to another tab?

Trying to direct from my welcome screen to specific tabs - can anybody lend a hand?

Thank you!!

Choose the Link to Screen action in the button configuration.

This is linking to a sheet but not a tab… the tab I am trying to link to has two set’s of details and so has two sheets in one.

Try linking to screen, set the style for that screen to Detail, then add list components that point to both sheets. This won’t highlight the button at the bottom, but should give you the results you want. You could also create a new dummy sheet with at least one heading, link the button to that sheet and follow the same directions above.

Thank you Jeff!


@Jeff_Hager I have the same problem as @chloef I added the dummy sheet, but now I’m stuck and don’t understand how adding list components solves it? If you go to my app’s home page you will see the first buttton pointing correctly to Actividades tab. The second button should point to Casals (but is currently linked to empty dummy). The third button is fine.

You can either use the dummy sheet or just point to the Casals sheet and design it just like the tab.

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Perfect, thank you!

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Is there a way to go to a Tab using a Button with action “Link to Screen” that does light up the Tab icon?

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Not at this time. Link to screen is independent from a tab.

Feature suggestion: If a screen is displayed, search to see if there is a tab that is linked to that screen and if so, dim the current highlight tap and highlight the new tap.

Would this be consistent with the rest of Glide?