Button to Tab

I’ve seen users get lost a number of times when drilling into details and reaching a level where no further click to detail is available.

Say, for example, you have a list of projects. Clicking on a project name takes you to a screen with all . users assigned to that list. Clicking on a user takes you to a screen with all projects to which that user is assigned. Those listings are not clickable for detail.

The option is to back swipe … but the swipe carets being missing is not obvious to many users.
Likewise, a “Home” tab at the bottom of a screen gets missed if the data list on the page is short since their eye is not directed downward.

A “Home” button just below the list is obvious, catches the user’s eye, and draws a click.

But I don’t see a way to use that button to take them to a Home tab vs. a screen based on one of the sheets in the app.

I think this kind of internal link to tab would be useful in many situations.


Yes, I would like this feature.
Is there a way to connect a button to a tab? I have a Home page, which has two buttons, each of which I want to link to two tabs. I have created components in each tab. I dont want to recreate these components again for the buttons. I can link the button to a sheet, but is there a way to link a button to an existing tab?

There isn’t… off also like a way to view a relation component as a button rather than a “single item Inline list “.