How can I use Tabs as buttons on a home screen?

Hi peeps, I’m very new here and I’m trying to create an app to help my workplace. I want to know if there is a way of using the Tabs as buttons in a “home screen” and set them in a sort of card style, so you can press them and direct you to the info of the tab.
Would love to hear your comments thank you!

You can’t currently link to screen from any style of list, but you can set up multiple relations to different sheets and then create separate inline lists that use each relation. It will give the appearance of one list.

You can however create buttons that link to screen. Unfortunately, they will not highlight the tab at the bottom if you are still displaying the tabs and you will need design the screens of the tab and the link to screen or relation separately.

Hi Jeff, thank you very much for your reply. I’ll have a look at the relations, I’m very beginner and I’m still getting my head around simple relations. hahaha.

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