"Link to Screen" : How to have Home Menu to different screen


As I see on many post, there is a need of having a Home Screen menu refering screens.
I understand that :

  • it is not possible to refer existing screens

the Glide proposed solution : https://docs.glideapps.com/all/reference/actions/link-to-screen
I have created a dedicated tabs “Home” in google sheet with Columns “title” (MenuA, MenuB) and “image” (PicA, PicB)
I have created 2 images in detail page of Home

My questions :

  • How to refer for each image, each line ? Because it is refering only MenuA
  • When I choose “Link to Screen” and create a screen why it is not refered in the Glide-Tabs menu ? Neither Tabs, neither Menu, neither Hidden Tabs… theses screens are “lost”,
  • is it possible to have access to a template using Link to Screen ?

Thanks and regard

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Maybe with a picture, it can help to better understand the problem


To get this to work, you only need one row with multiple columns.

| Pic1 | Pic2 | Pic3 |

Then you’ll add an image component for each and tell each to link to a different screen where you’ll add content for that screen


You might want to actually link from a image in a tile style setup to a screen. If so please upvote feature request “link to screen action on list items” in the feature request app.

Has also been described here

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Hi, @Robert_Petitto

Thank you.it works.

=> As consequence it means that it is the image itself that should contain the “Text-Menu”. It is not a kind of Rich Text above an illustrative “image” that we can update later

=> What do you think about the Screen is not listed in the Tabs ? for me it implies to rework my existing screens, and that I will no longer see my tabs in Tabs menu ?

By the way, my point is not to critisize, it is just to be sure to have the good philosophy of Use.
Glide proposes a really easy way to quilclky have a good result, so, of course there is a cost for that.
Cost = to use the app, as it was designed for.

Thank you @Krivo,
I will check your request. and maybe propose 2 more points

  • link to EXISTING screen
  • list SCREENS in Tabs Menu



I was faced with the same issue in a recent app I’m developing. User had all images which linked to screens. I instead reworked the entire spreadsheet to use relations and used a cards layout (though you could use tiles) for the menu:
Glide · Create Apps from Google Sheets (2)

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Hello @Robert_Petitto
Thank you, is it possible to explain a bit more how you rework ? I am not sure to get the point.

As I understand if you are moving from Image component (with linked screen) to Card it means

  • that you loose the “linked screen” of image component
  • that you loose the “Link to Screen” that is available in button and image, but not in Card

That’s correct. I had to rebuild the linked screen. Glide works at its best with multiple sheet that point to one another in a hierarchical format. Work backwards. Have a master list with everything and use a column of keywords (categories, etc.) that distinguish the row items from one another. Then create additional sheets per category that you defined in the master sheet. From the higher-level table in the data editor, create a multiple relation to the lower level sheet using the category column.

Now, if each of your “submenus” need to have a different layout, then you’ll need to create more than one multiple relation within the higher level sheet to the other lower level sheets and then add multiple inline lists. Here’s how I achieve this:


Wouhaou, impressive.
Maybe I was not correctly Glide “connected”.
I have started by building screens for each tabs and THEN think on how to reach them by menus.

As I understand, it might be a good idea to start from menu first and at the end, arriving to Screen.
I have to investigate a little more if, as you said, I would like to have different inline for the same Top-menu but having a different Screen template. (something like rel_Resources2)

Ok, I think I have enough food for thought.


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@Robert_Petitto in this setup you will end up with the same detail screen for all navigation paths - isn’t that correct? If so then you cannot do different layout depending on the navigation paths. The detail screen is bound to the (Master) sheet. Of course you can make use of visibility on the different components on the detail screen. Wouldn’t that be a correct description?

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As @Jeff_Hager always says, layouts are tied to sheets. This method uses different sheets and references them via inline lists hence I’m able to achieve different layouts.


Hi @Robert_Petitto , just to confirm you’re using the Multiple Relation column for this?

@Krivo I upvoted the feature in your linked post up above.

As a Glide noob, I spent a few hours trying to figure this out so thank you gentlemen for the feedback on this thread