Link to screen not always available

Why using the " link to screen" action for pictures in " inlinelist" component or into “list” or "tiles " style is not possible as such a picture in details mode ? Only “view details” or “none” action are available !

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Lists already have a destination, which is the details for that list item. What are you trying to do? If you want each list item to go to a separate screen, then that’s not possible. Instead you could place several image components on the screen and set the link to screen action for each image.

I already placed several images component on my screen and set the the link to screen action but I would like to have the same inline list layout with 2,3 or 4 images on the same line but I think it’s not possible isn’t it?

What is the best format or size image to place image component because when the original image is square it appears that glide´s layout crops it when you choose different option than 1:1. I thought glide would only resize them.


Le jeu. 16 janv. 2020 à 00:31, Jeff Hager via Glide Community a écrit :

It is a very good idea i think

You can always do what I do and create several inline lists. I have a case where I have 3 inline lists. Each list has only one item in the list and each list points to a different screen. It appears like one single list, but allows me to go to separate screens for each item.

Thanks for all advises
I didn’t succeed to do what you said but here is a screenshot of what I would like to do

Tell me if your solution is available for this
Thanks a lot

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Nice visual! Unfortunately no it’s not possible with the tile layout you want. My method works great for regular vertical lists or single tiles that display vertically. It would not work if you want tiles to display horizontally. My example is a collection of separate lists, so it only appears to look like a single list, but is actually 3 inline list components. In my case, each list uses a separate reference to a separate sheet.

I think it’s a good idea and it’s been discussed before, but my question would be, how would you set the action for each list item? I think you would have to specify in a column (in the primary sheet) which sheet each item would need to link to. What happens if the sheet you are linking to does not exist or is removed? What happens if you rename an item in your primary list, or reorder the items? I’m just trying to think of the logic behind the process. I feel like the builder would need to reload the entire spreadsheet each time something changes. I’m sure it’s possible and maybe the Glide team has ideas for this already. I can only think of how it would work with the current logic and process.