Tiles as links to screens

The flexibility of layout could be enhanced quite a bit if it was possible to make a tile (fx as an inline list) link to a specific screen - just like what is possible with the image and the button component. These can have action = “Link to Screen”

Right now you can only have one link horizontally - but allowing tiles to have link to screen would make it easier to create more links on the same line.

Somehow the screen to link to should be available as a column in the same row as other information used the title. Should be doable.

The subject is similar to what is discussed in this thread


That feature already exists. In the Data Editor, scroll down to the bottom of the Tiles style and select “Link detail screen” from the Action box.

Well, @Carlos_DeSilva - I don’t want to link to a detail screen. I want to link to a screen (meaning another sheet/tab)

I got you. I misread your post.

@david What do you think about such an idea? You enhanced the tile layout very much (and thanks!) - and I think that it can be enhanced further - with a great impact (and little effort?) - by allowing to link to a screen where the ‘screen reference’ is found in a column in the same row as the information used for the tile is found.

Actually, if a variable could be used to link to a screen in the tile layout - it might be reused on the component ‘Button’ and ‘Image’ thereby allowing for dynamic screen reference on these components.

What would happen if you used a variable for a sheet that didn’t exist, or a sheet that existed in your spreadsheet, but hasn’t been set up and laid out in the builder yet? What happens when you add a new list item row? Should the app just fail, or should there be some sort of gentle error message?

@Jeff_Hager If a failure occurs - of course I would like a gentle error message :wink:
The scenarios you line up are of course relevant - but I believe that it would be a reasonable limitation of such a new functionality. It is the responsability of designer to make sure that the screens are present.
To me, allowing multiple links on the same line would allow for more versatile ‘home’ pages compared to the present possibility where either buttons or images could be used.

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I like to play devil’s advocate sometimes. Not only to help us hash out ideas, but also in hopes that it gives the Glide team some additional thoughts to help them develop these ideas. Sometimes you need to consider all possible code paths because somebody will always find a loophole you never thought of.

@Jeff_Hager appreciate that! I often happen to be a devils advocate myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just to share my use case for this - I have a gallery of photos in an inline list, which are taken from videos. I want to send the user to the page which contains the video (along with some details about the video) that the photo is from, when they tap the image.

I solved this by putting a relation link in the detail page but obviously that’s a little bit more clunky.

@alexs this doesn’t sound like it would be a problem with what’s currently available. If your sheet has a column for the image and a column for for the video url, then you can use the image column for the tile and when you click on it to open the details, you can have a video component in the details. Unless I’m not understanding your problem? I’m not following why you would need a relation in the details.

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Thanks for the suggestion but that’s not quite what I’m looking for - I should explained my setup in more detail. The videos have dedicated pages in another tab. So I want to send the person to those pages, when they tap the photos. Does that make sense?

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Got it.

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@alexs please udvote feature request “link to screen action on list items” in the feature request app. That is what you want I believe


Hi @alexs, where do the videos currently reside? We’re they uploaded via Glide? YouTube?

They’re hosted in Google Drive. But the key part is that they’re part of a detail page and it’s the page that I want to link to, that contains the video, not just the video itself.